22nd March 2018

Well, well.

Some of you might not be too surprised by these news if you follow me on twitter, but I’ve decided to take a month break from posting pages. The comic will be back on the 26th of April.

I’m sorry that this decision was so sudden, but I really think the comic will benefit from having a break like I did back in August. There’s just a lot I want to pay attention to right now and having a full time job doesn’t allow me to put enough time into everything. Pages aside, I’ve been trying to get chapter covers done, new script written (which I’ll be needing soon anyway to keep drawing) and planning out the funding campaign. Some of my favourite scenes are coming really soon and I owe it to the project to put any extra time they need into them. To sum up, this extra time will go to rest up my mind, to get inspiration and to work in all these different areas without having the pages constant deadline to meet.

I made this decision two days ago, and right after taking the first breath of relief, I did something I hadn’t done for a long time: I drew something other than pages, something just for fun. I drew this:


We all need to step back sometimes and catch our breath to come back stronger.

So, see you all in a month! I’ll keep hanging around twitter and hopefully I’ll be posting updates on how the work is going. Thank you for your understanding! <3