Rogier Haven

Suzzen’s childhood friend, and a resident at Undine Library, where he assists in the Literature Room. He recently found out he’s the son of Minna Medlin and Gavril Alvinson, part of the original Bookwyrms gang, who were murdered by the Knowledge Keepers.

He has been seen using some sort of manipulation skill, but won’t admit to it when asked.

(First appearance on page 6).

Suzzen Hawthorn

Rogier’s childhood friend, and currently a resident at Undine, assisting in the Botany Room. She starts investigating about her parents and finds out that the fire that killed them was no accident. They were Lemmuel Hawthorn and Helda Gwynne, part of the original Bookwyrms.

She has noticed that, like her father, she can read other people’s feelings often.

(First appearance on page 9).

Arabelia Wulfstoncraft

Head of History at Undine Library, she is also Rogier’s legal guardian. Strict and slightly neurotic, her high standards make her a very demanding person both of herself and of others. Since the moment she found out there were forged books at Undine, she hasn’t stopped investigating and will put her all in making sure the culprit comes to light.

Arabelia remembers everything she reads.

(First appearance on page 34).

Dylion Lyall

Head of Medicine at Undine Library. He found a fellow joker in Rogier, and over the years he grew fond of him to the point that the boy is now like a younger brother to him. He got off on the wrong foot with Arabelia, although he is starting to see her under a different light since they teamed-up to investigate the forged books.

It remains unknown whether he has any special ability.

(First appearance on page 16).

Kveldbera Menadottir

Galagardian intern getting ready for university while she works at Undine Library, assisting in the Physics and Astronomy Rooms. When Ava Hemlic invites her to an elite group receiving lectures from the Crown’s Dean, she becomes friends with Ava, and it comes as a shock to her that both the Dean and Ava are part of the Knowledge Keepers.

It remains unknown whether Kveld has any special skills.

(First appearance on page 30).

Hedy Lovell

Head of Physics at Undine Library. She rarely socialises with fellow librarians, and when she does she only talks about work. Suzzen managed to get her to talk about Lemmuel Hawthorn and the situation around his death, and though she has always been afraid and quiet regarding the Knowledge Keepers, she changed her mind after Suzzen and the others were forced to run away.

During a mission with Thatch she was caught by the KK, and her current location is unknown.

Hedy has premonitory dreams.

(First appearance on page 3).

Ava Hemlic

Arcadius’ proud daughter, she used to be Dylion’s assistant at Undine Library. Now she’s working at the Crown University as its Ambassador. Her job is to bring new books to libraries, and to recollect some as well for “standards review”.

She is part of the Knowledge Keepers, and her mysterious ability seems to activate when touching other people directly.

She recruited Kveld as a candidate for the KK and became friends with her.

(First appearance on page 122).

Cyril Grendle

Undine Library’s seemingly charming Head of Botany, and Suzzen’s friend. Also a spy for the Knowledge Keepers, and the one who gave Suzzen and the others away to the KK, causing them to become fugitives.

His main role within the Knowledge Keepers, however, is related to his ability: fire manipulation.

(First apperance on page 50).

Arcadius Hemlic

Undine’s Chief Librarian and Ava’s father, as well as Suzzen’s current legal guardian.

He used to be Head of Botany years ago, and was witness to the original Bookwyrms complaints about forged books and their disappearances after that.

His daughter told him about her skill and he didn’t believe her back at the time, since then she only speaks to him for work-related reasons.

(First appearance on page 23).

Thatch Garrick

Rogier’s best friend from high school, he works at his parents’ inn, in the city outskirts. He hates studying but loves reading stories.

Bold and sincere, he was eager to help the gang when he was told about the Knowledge Keepers existence, and has proved to be a resourceful ally.

It seems that he may have the ability of telekinesis.

(First appearance in page 27).

Noor Zolak

One of the original Bookwyrms, whose field of expertise was Archaeology. Currently exiled in Ivergor and working on a little curiosities shop, he helps the gang reluctantly by telling them all he remembers about the Knowledge Keepers.

He is also the one who confirms the existence of special abilities by showing his own: psycometry, that allows him to learn an object’s story upon touching it.

(First appearance on page 190).

Merula Letta

Linguistics expert, and part of the original Bookwyrms. She moved back to Lyssa after her friends were killed by the Knowledge Keepers. When the gang shows up there, she’s ready to go after the KK again.

Her ability allows her to percieve patterns in an enhanced way.

(First appearance on page 282).

Sherard Mewburn

Rogier’s roommate at Undine after Cyril was given his own bedroom upon becoming Head of Room, and Arabelia’s assistant in the History Room.

Very reserved, he’s also the Crown’s Dean grandson, and part of the Knowledge Keepers.

It is unknown if he has any special abilities.

(First appearance on page 35).

Silas Mewburn

Dean of the Crown University, and a veteran within the Knowledge Keepers.

He lectured in the meetings Kveld attended, which were meant to nurture special abilities and recruit potential candidates for the KK.

His own “godly ability” is unknown.

(First appearance on page 195).

“Vinnie” Blython

The current Minister of Knowledge, and a veteran within the Knowledge Keepers, along with Silas Mewburn.

Feared and admired, she is used to getting her way.

Her special ability lets her move objects with her mind.

(First appearance on page 288).

Gillius Draycott

Archivist at Undine Library, and a spy for the Knowledge Keepers, who seems to have worked with Silas for many years.

He interviewed Suzzen when she first applied for a residency at Undine Library.

It is unknown if he has any special abilities.

(First appearance on page 23).

Chancelor Oriel

The current head of the country, he has stayed in this role since the monarchy was disolved in Everstrom.

He created the Ministry of Knowledge and considers both the Crown University and Undine Library his “pride”.

It remains unknown if he has any special ability.

(First appearance on page 242).

Malvina Cuhlpeper

Suzzen’s distant relative, she was appointed her legal guardian when the girl moved back to Cwen, and though she’s not her guardian anymore, she helped the gang travel to Lyserios hidden in her van.

It remains unknown if she has any special ability.

(First appearance on page 12).