10th August 2017

I have big news today: After much thought I have decided to take a break from posting pages during the rest of August. I know I said I would have more time this month to make a page every week, and I do have that time, but I have realised I need to dedicate it to improve the storytelling in the upcoming scenes and to design concepts for characters and environments I will be needing soon. I simply cannot do this at acceptable quality standards while making pages non-stop. For this reason, I’m choosing to stop and focus on the story, and to be able to work on visual development so that relevant scenarios are properly designed instead of made on the go. I hope you all understand and I look forward to the next update on the 7th of September!

PS. I will keep posting sketches and works in progress on twitter, in case you want to follow what I’m working on. Have a wonderful month!