30th November 2017

Nothing good can come out of that conversation. End of chapter, by the way!

What an emotional rollercoaster of a week. I was contacted twice about people reposting my art without crediting and selling clothing with my fanart, which was quite depressing. But also Bookwyrms celebrated its 2nd Anniversary last Sunday and so many of you shared kind such kind words about it I felt very grateful and humbled. I can’t thank you enough. The new wallpaper went up at the support shop and already doubled last years’ sales! This is going to help a lot, since I got a notice from my hosting provider that I don’t have much space left, so I’m going to need a new solution soon. Again, thank you.

You may have seen that the old wallpaper has replaced the home page background! It was time for an update there, and I thought it might be a good idea that when anniversary wallpapers expire go there : )

Speaking of anniversaries… THE DRAW! We have a winner for it, and that’s our dear Henrike Dijkstra! Congratulations! Below you can see the list randomizer I used for the draw. If you can see names repeated, that means they shared the post in several social media channels, and if you can’t find your name, that might be because the post wasn’t shared publicly (so I couldn’t find it) or you posted it out of the deadline limit. (Or that I made a mistake, so let me know if you think so!)


And last but not least, that little announcement I promised: I’ve started working on a Bookwyrms video game! Work is still in the very early stage of deciding the story scope and game mechanics, but it will focus on the first generation of Bookwyrms, how they started working together and their own investigations. Needless to say, this game will be filled with spoilers for someone who hasn’t read the comic until a specific point, so it will work as a kind of companion story for readers after reaching that point.

I won’t be writing the code of the actual game, though! Someone very close to me will. I’ll write the script and make the graphics. About the kind of game it will be, for now we think the most fitting description could be graphic adventure with some visual novel bits and puzzle solving.

I’m so happy to be able to explore and share the first generation’s story with whoever’s interested! Here’s a little graphic using a detail from the new support wallpaper. (Most of you may have guessed by now who those silhouettes are).


In any case, this is a long term project and my priority now is to get Bookwyrms into paper! Hopefully I’ll have some big news on that very soon. Have a lovely week!