26th November 2020

Priorities, right?


So. 5 years ago today I started posting Bookwyrms online.

I literally realised this only yesterday, so I couldn’t really prepare anything this year. Still, I wanted to do something special, and I came up with a couple of things to celebrate:

★Starting today, my online shop will open and the digital version of Bookwyrms Volume One will be available! This is for anyone who is not really interested in the physical, paper comic book edition (which will take a bit still to become available), but would still want to enjoy the extras of the collected volume: polished texts, concept art and the short bonus comic Wyrmlings! It is also a great way to support the comic. Visit the shop here! And let me know if you find any issues, as it’s still very much new :3

★I will be doing another round of that ‘Ask a Character‘ thing I did a while back where anyone can ask a question in the comments to any character in the comic and I will draw the answer 🙂 (If we end up having many questions I might have to select just a bunch, but I’ll aim to draw as many as possible). Feel free to ask any character a question in today’s comment section if you’d like to see them answering!

I hope you are all doing well, and wow, 5 years is a long time and a lot of pages! Thank you all for making it here, it means a lot 🧡 We are just about to get to the middle point of the whole story in the next months so still a few years of Bookwyrms left to see the end!