5th May 2022

Books are safe! Hedy…not so much.

I hope you are all doing well! I wanted to let you know that I’m on holidays with family visiting for the next two weeks, so it is likely that the next page will be ready on the 26th May instead of the 19th May.

Also, I am planning to finally have some Bookwyrms volumes (and bookmarks and badges) available in my shop this summer! I’ll keep you posted, they will be available for a limited time so I can make sure to send them all timely. As I always say, the first to know will be the ones subscribed to the comic’s newsletter, since that’s the place where I’ll share the news first. (Link for subscribing can be found below!)

Thank you for your ongoing support and excitement about this story 🤎

Update on 24/05/2022: I’m very sorry to postpone the next page, but while I was on holiday and some time after it I was sick with covid so I wasn’t able to draw much. The page is halfway done, though, so it will be published next week for sure. Thank you for understanding!