13th June 2016

I wish I knew how many books I’ve drawn so far in Bookwyrms. Just curious about it.

This Thursday we end Kveld’s chapter! BUT you won’t miss her for long, she’ll be back next chapter.

And speaking of Kveld, fanarts by super talented artists have been going on lately!! I love how different they are. Thank you all so much!


By Flynn, co-creator of the Liar’s Dice webcomic.


By Elli Puukangas, creator of the Tistow webcomic.


By Sandra Ortuño, amazing illustrator.


By Karoliina H, creator of the Year In Hereafter webcomic.

Be sure to check all of their sites for gorgeous art! Have a lovely week!

Edit: I’ve edited some of the text on panel five, I think it explains the situation better this way. Hedy’s headaches could be considered weak migraines, but there’s more to it that I can’t explain yet, so I’ll leave the word out to avoid confusion! As always, thank you commenters for your valuable knowledge!