The Comic

Bookwyrms follows the story of Rogier and Suzzen, two childhood friends who end up living and working together at Undine Library, as they discover that someone is tampering with the books and they begin a dangerous investigation that will lead them to secret societies, mysterious abilities and remote locations. This story can be enjoyed by readers from all ages.

“Cwen City, Everstrom. Capital of the modern world. Home to Undine National Library, where the largest collection of knowledge is gathered and looked after by experts in all fields. Suzzen and Rogier, along with neurotic History expert Arabelia, discover that someone is secretly replacing books with modified copies. Together with Dylion who’d very much rather avoid life-threatening investigations and Kveld, Suzzen’s reckless roommate, they all set out to uncover whatever evil goals the book-tamperers are after. But they better be careful, as the enemy could be anyone around them.”


The Author

I’m Lorena Garcia, a comic artist and illustrator currently living in the UK. I’ve had the story for Bookwyrms in my head since my college years, but from that original idea only Rogier and Suzzen remain. In 2013 I started using the characters as an excuse for some concept art practice, but the project became bigger and bigger, until I just had to tell the whole story.


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Special thanks

Many people have helped in different ways to make this project happen. I can’t thank you all enough!

To my good friends Sandra, Víctor, Mai and Jesús, for giving me invaluable feedback before sharing the project with the world, and for their ongoing support.

To Pau, my librarian friend, for sharing your vast knowledge about libraries with me.

To my close family, for always encouraging me to work hard and follow my dreams.

To Rodrigo, the comic’s proofreader, for your wisdom in storytelling. And for being the most supportive companion I could ever wish for.

And finally, to every reader who has enjoyed the comic so far and has let me know about it. Your messages and comments have helped a lot in the darkest moments.