Here you can find the main cast, spoiler-free descriptions.


If you have read until the end of Chapter 7 (page 318), you can check the updated list with additional characters.


Rogier Haven

An enthusiastic and bright boy who spends most of his time reading and telling stories. He never knew his parents and he grew up living through the amazing adventures he found in books.

He is a resident at Undine Library, where he assists in the Literature Room while he tries to prevent his guardian from killing his best friend.

Suzzen Hawthorn

Introverted and dreamy, she holds a special relationship with plants since she was little, when her parents died. Rogier was her only friend at the orphanage, so she was sad when she was sent to a different country and they completely lost contact.

She is now back in Cwen, determined to learn more about her parents, of whom she barely remembers anything.

Arabelia Wulfstoncraft

Head of History at Undine Library, she is also Rogier’s legal guardian. Strict and slightly neurotic, her high standards make her a very demanding person both of herself and of others. She hasn’t made many friends for some reason since she moved to Cwen a few months ago.

She has a strong sense of justice and truth, and she can be too sincere sometimes. 

Dylion Lyall

Head of Medicine at Undine Library. His love for fun isn’t usually welcome among his colleagues. He found a fellow joker in Rogier, and over the years he grew fond of him to the point that the boy is now like a younger brother to him.

It remains a mystery how such a funny man got his position at the Library.

Kveldbera Menadottir

Always driven by her great curiosity about everything, she hopes to find some answers once she becomes a cosmologist. She is getting ready for university while she works at Undine Library assisting in the Physics and Astronomy Rooms.

As a Galagardian, she can’t witness injustice and do nothing about it. This, together with her overconfidence, usually gets her in trouble.

Hedy Lovell

Head of Physics at Undine Library. She rarely socialises with fellow librarians, and when she does she only talks about work, so no one really knows how she is like, other than cold and solitary.

She has a strong temperament and some readers fear her.