19th January 2017

Welcome to the Mythology Room, a dangerous place for those allergic to dust.

So. I’m quite better from that chest infection and I’m hoping I’ll be proper well in less than a week, yay! I managed to not stop drawing for the whole two weeks and I am slowly building a buffer, which is good. I’ll stick with a one page per week schedule until I have both a bigger buffer and a final draft for Volume 2’s script, so that I can make sure I put the time needed for it to be good.

By the way, someone asked me on tumblr about a dreamcast for Bookwyrms, and you can see my reply here: bookwyrmscomic.tumblr.com/post/155434569502/hey-if-bookwyrms-were-a-movie-who-would-be (This is in no way canon, I just did it for fun!)

On another note, I’ve been wanting to open character submissions for a long time, and will probably do so soon! Keep an eye on my twitter if you are interested. (I’ll let you know in a page description as well when they are open anyway.)