9th March 2017

I, like Arabelia, bring news, although mine are not bad!

I have been struggling for some time to get the script of Volume 2 ready while keeping up with pages and my client work. Imagine how it felt to realise Volume 1 pages will be over in about two months or less, meaning I have to start preparing the printed edition. Alongside everything else. Also putting a Kickstarter together. I mean I could probably do it all, but it won’t be as good as if I have a bit extra time to put into the book design, the covers and the marketing a Kickstarter campaign needs to actually get funded. (On top of this I’m starting a full time job next week, but more on that in a second.) I have found a solution: Volume 1 will include about 5-6 more chapters. This means an extra 6 months or so to get the book design ready, and it also means the actual book will be a bit thicker, which is something that I think will fit much better this project (otherwise it would have been around 1cm thick). It also means Volume 1 will end on a more exciting moment, by the way.

I hope this isn’t much of a bummer for readers who have shown interest in a printed version! I asure you, the book will look so much better it will be worth the wait. Speaking of which, I know sometimes it’s hard to follow webcomics every single week and we can stop reading for a while and then come back. A very easy way to make sure you won’t miss the opportunity to get a printed version of Bookwyrms is to provide me with an email address which I can contact when it’s ready. I have added a little subscribe button in the right sidebar just for this. I promise I will not email you if it’s not to tell you any updates about the printed books of this comic.

Finally, about that full time job starting next week, it will only mean pages will go up earlier in the morning. The social media notifications are scheduled so they will go out at the same time they always have : )

And wow, I almost forgot. Last week I discovered that a company had been reposting the whole Bookwyrms comic automatically on different websites and social media without my permission. It’s been a nightmare of an experience contacting them, and reporting them to take the pages down. Unfortunately this is something readers or fans can’t help much with, since I, as the copyright holder, am the only person who can report them. BUT if you ever find pages on twitter, facebook, pinterest, tumblr, etc. you could do something that would actually be a great help: Comment with a link to this website. At least that way if people see it, they know where they can find the original source. I’ll be forever grateful!

And that’s all! Have a lovely rest of the week!