4th May 2017

End of the chapter! We finally got some answers from Professor Hemlic.

I’ve been having days here and there when I haven’t been able to draw at all (being sick, and taking a couple of days to just rest, which were much needed, etc.) and this means I have to cash them at some point in order to keep posting pages on schedule, so I have decided to make a break next week, between chapters. I would rather not make breaks at all, but when the time comes that I really need to do them (if I remember it right this would be the second time I take a break week since I started posting!) I prefer them to be between chapters.

I have posted the next chapter’s cover, so please feel free to check it and find out which character we’ll be following next. I’m very excited for this one, being new to the list!

I’ll post little previews for the next chapter on facebook and twitter next week : )