28th September 2017

Is that Hedy smiling in the first panel? Nah, your imagination is playing tricks. Jokes aside, I might make a bookmark out of that panel one day.

Hedy is not too happy about having to going to the other side of the city only to find Arabelia there. But she’s going to be even less happy about the news.

Soo I’m starting to count pages and make calculations in order to ask for quotes for Bookwyrms’ first volume! I’m having doubts about the chapters distribution in the printed edition, because some of them are really short, and having a cover for every single chapter might get very repetitive. (There will be 18 chapters in this book!) At the moment the chapter division serves as a way of knowing who are the thought bubbles coming from, but I already got some feedback saying this is quite clear even without having to check whose character pov is being followed on the chapter covers. I’m going to check this myself and if I find that it’s true I might group some chapters together to make around 4 bigger chapters with cover illustrations. If any of you has thoughts on the matter I’d be very grateful to hear them, as any feedback will come a long way.