12th October 2017

Hedy is not having her best day, but at least the incident is over, and the next scene will be much cosier.

I have some news! There will be two weeks in November when I won’t be able to post pages. This is because I’m going to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams: I’m going to visit Japan, a country which has inspired my art in so many ways. These two Thursdays with no update will be the 9th an 16th of November. The week after that is both Thanksgiving Day on Thursday (23rd) AND Bookwyrms’ second year anniversary on Sunday (26th)! Sooo I’ll probably publish the page on Sunday instead. I’ll keep you posted anyway!

Finally, I have started to get quotes and plans to get the first volume of Bookwyrms printed! It’s all still a bit daunting and I’m definitely going to need a Kickstarter/preorder campaign in order to print them, but I think it’s doable! And I cannot wait to see these printed at some point next year.