23rd August 2018

Aaand here ends the first arc (and the first volume) of Bookwyrms!

What now? Well, the script for the next arc is fully outlined, but only about the first third of it is completed, so I really have to take a break to write it all down before I start drawing. Also, I’m going to be working on the additional art that the printed book will require, like covers and that sort of things. (Expect some streamings for when I work on those!) Hopefully I can use some of the time to start editing the pages in order to update the text after the editor’s corrections (which is going to improve the text so much!), and make the colours print-ready! That’s a lot to fit in a month, but we’ll see how it goes.

Do enjoy the remaining summer time and get ready for the second arc of Bookwyrms, which will start on September 27th!