8th November 2018

Dun duuun!

An update on the printed comic book plans.
It is all going veeery slow. I am in a situation where I cannot say no to work from my day job because, well, otherwise I would not be able to pay my rent, but that means having limited time to dedicate to the comic. I have prioritised to finish one page every week in order to not stop updating, and that means having very little extra time to work on the printed book. I’m not sure that was the best decision, but that’s how it is going to be for now. If I see that I finish chapter 5 before having the printed version’s work finished, I might do a break between chapters 5 and 6 to make sure I do get the first volume printed before going too deep into the second volume online.

And that’s all for now! I hope the update didn’t sound too gloomy. Even though my work situation is not ideal (unpredictable, so I have to take as much work as I am offered to make up for the time when I might not be offered any work) I don’t intend to stop working on the comic at all. It’s just a matter of where I put the time I have, into new pages or the printed version content. As always, thank you all for the continuous support and excitement about Bookwyrms, I appreciate it very much and it keeps my motivation for this project high ♥