25th June 2020

It’s so easy to hide in a crowd, isn’t it?

We have a guest in the comic today! Helping Kveld and Suzzen at the drinks table is Hawk, who won the last anniversary contest for Bookwyrms and is finally appearing in the comic! (It took so long this time to have the cameo because the characters had been away from Undine for a while!) He has been a great supporter of the comic for years and I’m very happy to have him at Undine : )

And in other news, I am pausing the comic updates to take care of shipping Volume 1! I am hoping that this break will be only for 2 weeks, so if all goes well the comic will be back on the 16th of July. I will update this description and twitter (@lorenagarciart)  if there are any changes! I think this is a good point to pause because a lot is going to happen in this party, so I’d prefer to be able to post it all without breaks. Thank you as always for your patience!