12th November 2020

Going for a little walk to calm Suzzen’s anxiety might not work out so well after all.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes, they made me very happy 💜 I really appreciated having that weekend off!

I have some news about the printed edition of Volume 1! It’s been a year since it was funded, and a lot has happened, but I can finally say the fulfillment can be considered completed! It’s a bit sad that at the moment just my family is missing their copies, because I sent them all in a parcel that got lost by the mailing service. But having set aside their books a second time, I do have a few remaining copies that will be on sale soon. As promised, the first to know when and where these copies are available will be everyone who subscribed to the newsletter for this purpose. So if anyone is interested in a copy, please keep in mind that the mailing list will be the first place where I will share the details 🙂 Thank you!