11th February 2021

Well, at least everything was said!

Some of you may know if you follow me on twitter, but my eyes have been hurting lately. Unless they get better, it is possible that next week’s page gets delayed, because looking at screens makes it worse. I can’t say yet, but if it happens I’ll update the info here and on twitter.

Update: Just to be safe, I’ll skip next week’s page in the hopes that this will help my eyes. So the next update will be in 2 weeks. Thank you for understanding!

Update 20/02/2021: Since my eyes didn’t improve I took an eye test and it showed that my eyesight had worsened recently, thus all the pain and headaches. Luckily this is something that new glasses will likely solve, but they will take around 2 weeks to be ready. I estimate that the comic will be back on 11th March (I won’t be drawing on any screens until I have the new glasses). In the meantime I’ll practise anatomy and work on new designs on paper. Thank you all for your support!

I also made a little Rogier clay model: