8th December 2016

Sooo, they’ve got a plan! Or at least they think they do.

A lot has happened in this chapter! It was quite the trigger for the actual adventure to start, and hopefully from now on the rythm of the story will be a bit faster. Next week we start chapter 10, by Rogier, and it is one of my favourites! It will bring a very special surprise. You’ll know what I’m talking about when the moment comes.

I’ve been thinking about printing the first volume of Bookwyrms and although I know what kind of extras I like when I buy a comic from a creator, I’d love to hear your opinion, too! I’m talking about extra content, merchandising, anything that could be added to the actual comic. (Postcards, badges,…) I’m also very curious if you have any specific idea on any object in the story that you would like to be offered. For example, I had this idea that some readers could like the Undine Assistant copper pin, but maybe that’s just me XD So yes, any ideas, opinions, etc will be very appreciated! Thank you <3