4th January 2018

Starting the new year with a little victory! (Though harder to achieve than expected…)

Have some thoughts on Rogier and what he just did? Don’t worry, Suzzen’s got some too and she won’t keep quiet this time.

By the way, I’m putting together playlists for the main cast! How did this happen? I found out there were official playlists for the Star Wars characters on spotify and suddenly the idea of making the same for the Bookwyrms cast was very tempting. I talked about it on twitter and there was interest around the idea, so… yeah! I’d say they’re about 70% completed by now.

Have a brilliant 2018, everyone! Hopefully this will be the one when we get to print the first volume of Bookwyrms! : D

PS. I got the year wrong in this entry but realised when I was about to post it, so *technically* I got the year right, yay!