11th January 2018

Well, well! This update came a little later since my work schedule is a little bit different now. What you can always expect is that I will keep updating on Thursdays, whenever the time.

Character Playlists are ready! (Dylion and Suzzen’s anyway!)

I’m going to share two playlists every Thursday along with the page, starting today : D I have created them both in Spotify and in Deezer. You need to create an account in either place in order to listen to the full tracks, but you can also look for the songs on youtube if you like, since all the info is below!

Remember, these lists are just for fun! They are in no way necessary to understand  the cast better. These are just songs that remind me of the character in a way. It could be something in the lyrics, or the music, or the voice… this means you’ll find pretty strange combinations of songs, haha!

So, here are the playlists:

🎶 Suzzen’s Playlist (Spotify)
🎶 Dylion’s Playlist (Spotify)

🎶 Suzzen’s Playlist (Deezer)
🎶 Dylion’s Playlist (Deezer)

And here’s a preview with all the playlist info (you should be able to listen to 30 seconds of each song here if I’m not mistaken!)