20th January 2018

Hello, hello! My, even that exclamation mark feels too energetic for my current state. I’ve been quite ill the past few days, which is why this update was delayed. I’m feeling a bit better today, at last. Looking on the bright side, we now have less time to wait to find out what Rogier has found ; )

New character playlists available: Arabelia and Rogier

Just a reminder again that these are just for fun. They don’t necessarily represent the character’s taste in music, but what the character inspires to me. This is especially true for Arabelia, who would rather listen to what we understand as classical music than any of the songs in her list. As for Rogier, you’ll see there’re two very different moods in his list, which shouldn’t come as a big surprise at this point.

So, here are the playlists:

🎶 Arabelia’s Playlist (Spotify)
🎶 Rogier’s Playlist (Spotify)

🎶 Arabelia’s Playlist (Deezer)
🎶 Rogier’s Playlist (Deezer)

Like last week, here’s the preview for the lists: