17th May 2018

Bookwyrms is back!

That’s the news, in short. Bookwyrms is back with its regular one page per week schedule. However, I am still tight on time for next three weeks, so I might have to post a page on a Friday or Saturday during that time BUT there will still be one page a week. Thank you all so much for waiting and for your support!

The colours in these pages are giving me such a hard time, I realised I am not so good with dark palettes. I really have to practise a lot more and maybe one day I can make these pages look better.

I commented on twitter that there was something that felt nice, sort of relaxing about drawing ruined places like this, but of course it still feels kind of bad to know why this particular place was ruined. I loved this whole scene in writing and I hope you enjoy it too, especially the upcoming pages (you’ll see what I mean).

If there are any comments I didn’t reply to, I’ll answer them in the next days 

Have a lovely rest of the week!